94.3 Radio One says #inthemixIndia is an outdated Concept

By Harsh Mehta

Well Due to some issues the Radio Show #inthemixIndia which was aired on 94.3RadioOne every saturday from 10pm-1am and hosted by Nikhil Chinapa has now been come to an end. This came into light when Nikhil Chinapa Tweeted about the Issue and the #inthemixIndia fans were shocked to read it , but Nikhil Chinapa tweeted up that he will keep this show going via a website named : inthemixIndia.com with the help of Nawed Khan , AudioQube & Submerge team. The first online Episode was Live Yesterday night at 10pm till 12pm ! The Hashtag for the Show was #ITMX61 ( 61 for the 61st episode ) . Everybody were Happy about it , the whole team worked hard so that each and every listener can tune in via mobile or laptop/Pc . #ITMX61 was trending in each and every city (listed on Indian City twitter trends). The huge part was that it was trending at 2nd Postion In India in just 30 minutes and also trending above #IPL in a short span of time.There were many listeners around the globe who felt good to be a part of #ITMX61.

Radio 94.3, Media, Inthemix India.Nikhil Chinnapa

Later on when i saw @943RadioOne tweets on my timeline i was in shock and also laughing at the same time .The tweets says that they have a brand new EDM radio show which is know as #RadioOneMegaMix ! The Tweets from @934RadioOne were so Desperate that the Admin him/her self wanted to make it trend ! . Radio 94.3, Inthemix , Media, controversy

And then later on when the show got over i asked them a question check out the conversation Below :

Radio 94.3, Inthemix india, Nikhil

And soon after this Conversation they BLOCKED me for No reason , so it indicates that Radio One Dont respect their fans and they block users as they cant face them

Social Twitter, Social Media, Radio 94.3

Many InthemixIndia fans were shock to see 94.3RadioOne’s  tweets saying INTHEMIX is an OUT DATED CONCEPT .

Below are the reactions from various people on twitter : José Covaco – VJ at MTV India .


This is what Radio One 94.3 said after people outraging on twitter!


This is what Nikhil Chinapa has to say :


Photokatha is supporting Harsh Mehta in getting the proper dialouge from Radio One and the behaviour of blocking followers

You can read the entire story by Harsh Mehta : http://bit.ly/12AuNDy

Leave your comments here as well and whe would ensure to pass the same to him .

You can use hashtag #RadioOneHarshContro.

Bikerni, Soul Riders, Harley Davidsion Bike, Qatar , Doha

Bikerni and Soul Riders in Qatar Campus Magazine

So I had chance to explore biking culture in Qatar after riding for India for while. Campus Magazine have taken on interview over the group that I belong that is The Bikerni Association in India and Soul Riders in Qatar.

Here is the small Interview session on the same.

Read about the same and share with friends!

Bikerni, Soul Riders, Harley Davidsion Bike, Qatar , Doha

Bikerni, Soul Riders, Harley Davidison Group

You can read the article here on the link http://issuu.com/oryxmags/docs/campus_issue_17_small#download Page 35 and 36

Media, Delhi Gang Rape, Honey Singh, Government, Censorship, Bolywood Industry, Indian Government, Law, Blogger, Social cause

Censorship & Beyond- India

Media, Delhi Gang Rape, Honey Singh, Government, Censorship, Bolywood Industry, Indian Government, Law, Blogger, Social cause

By Srishti Arya

Censorship in media is suppression of speech and expression. It is also the government’s propaganda to subtly engrave in our minds their viewpoint. Or is it now?

We as citizens go on raving about the article 19(1)(a) of the Indian constitution, which gives us freedom of speech and expression but we often forget about article 19(2) which restricts it for very reasonable reasons. While everyone talks about how censorship in songs & movies must be removed and films that are banned must not be banned, I beg to differ.

Delhi gang rape, News, India today, Newdppaer, Tv Channels, Victim, Media, Mass, Crow Police.

We may be discerning as individuals but we have little or no control over how media affects us subconsciously. While the 23-year-old Delhi gang-rape victim was being cremated, simultaneously a discussion over Honey Singh’s first song, “Ch**” was creating a buzz. The song revolves around the singer’s version of satisfying a woman’s lust, followed by beating her with a shoe and then moving on.

Article 292 of IPC deals with obscenity. Obscenity under the Indian Law is defined as: “Any work that appeal predominantly to “prurient” interest.”  “Any work that depicts or describes sexual conduct in a patently offensive way.” Legally, the term ‘obscenity’ is referred to as indecent expressions, such as words, images and actions. Despite the definition, what is obscene to me, may not be obscene to you, thus the notion remains subjective.

As Indians we all have the ‘Chalta Hai” mindset. “Chalta hai, its just a song.” Sorry Honey Singh fans, par nahi, yeh nahi chalta hai. Nobody in his or her right mind would consider beating up a woman with a shoe after assaulting her as morally, ethically or legally correct. And for those who say it’s just a song, the well-defined science of psychology proves that lyrics that are heard repetitively have a subliminal impact. Then how can we be so sure that children hearing songs like these on an everyday basis will not propagate domestic violence. Such is a case wherein prevention is better than cure!

Honey Singh, Choot, Songs, Music, Media

Freedom of art is a fine concept, but there is a thin line between being crass and being artistic. Being obscene can clearly be demarcated from being arty! “Pallu ke neeche daba ke rakha hai, utha loon toh hungama ho.” Imagine the horror that goes through a parent who hears their 10 year old humming this song. Censoring content may not always be a solution to stop advocacy of vulgarity, however it a highly probable solution.

Censorship of news, like in the case of 26/11 and in sensitive issues like rape is seriously the need of the hour. National security and sentiments of people are at stake!

There is nothing that is absolute. Not freedom of speech, not even government’s control over Media! We don’t need to pull off “A China” or “A Cuba” but how can we expect no regulation at all?  Yes we have the right to question why certain things maybe banned but it is also our duty to obey a reasonable law!

Censorship of media in its own nature is a government’s responsibility and a citizen’s guard!

Srishti Arya : http://bit.ly/14Hlgyg

Image Courtesy: 21paradigm.wordpress.com , India Today , Wordlyrics

Wildlife, Birds, Nest, House,Photography, Yellow, Photographer of the week, Gettyimages, FLickr,

Photographer of the Week: Judy Kenneth

Wildlife, Birds, Nest, House,Photography, Yellow, Photographer of the week, Gettyimages, FLickr,

This week we are sharing “Miss Judy Kennett ” “Photographer of the week“. She does photography not for commerical purpose, but she considers capturing the feathered  friends.

She has been enjoying amateur nature and wildlife photography for the past few years now.She  somewhat restricted herself in going to seeking out wildlife due to health problems, she had a form of cancer called myeloma which affects the bone marrow. She had a tumour removed from her spine in 2011 so movement was difficult ,therefore most of her photos are now predominantly taken in her small garden.

She says “I consider  feathered visitors as friends, and really enjoy being in their company, with or without camera! My rarest bird capture to date (not in my garden!) was an Osprey down by the Teme River”

You can see more of her collection at :

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/38749446@N05/

500px: http://500px.com/JudyKennett

IDAM restaurant , Doha at Islamic Museum of Art

IDAM restaurant , Doha at Islamic Museum of Art

Contemporary French Mediterranean cuisine with Arabic twist “IDAM Restaurant” gave an insight to how design and cuisine can be blended , directly themselves from Philippe Starck and Alain Ducasse . The Creator of Cuisine is Alain Ducaase . This restaurant nestles on the top floor of the Islamic Museum of Art. An Ala carte menu features between six mezze dishes QR 45 to QR 90 ,three vegetable -QR 160, etc. We got this opportunity to get a quick insight of Philip Starck ideas behind IDAM restaurant design. He mentioned that “ Iam a movie director , I created black and white for ambiance and the people to fill colors. This museum is the most beautiful in this world, its very geometrical, crystal based and my job was to bring life in the crystal theory by my designs. Its not about designs, architects for me.. Its about us, culture, local people.” The restaurant being placed in iconic landmark in Qatar – Museum of Islamic Art it blends local tradition with modernity. The guests at IDAM will enjoy a dinning experience that transcends time and surpasses expectation. Contemporary monochrome furnishings adorn the arabic culture for the restaurant. Starck mentions his passion for the elegant and poetic intelligence of Arab literature stating “ It was a duty to give a tribute to all these masters of literature.” Phillppe Starck ended it by saying his vision on IDAM by adding his “touch of moralism and poetry with some fertile surprises to open the mind of the people who will be interested to dream and build a vision.”

IDAM, Doha, Qatar, Cultural Village, French Cuisine,

Alain Ducasse , the “architect of IDAM Cuisine”, the world’s most decorated chef. He said “ the origin behind this restaurant is lot to do with my travel to, Morocco, Lebanon, middle Eastern, Egypt, India and create this mix of Mediterranean cuisine with the mix of arabic culture. The cuisine makes it more palatable with lesser salt, lesser fat and lesser sugar.. We also wanted to have a fair price, according to the location where IDAM is nestled. However the prices have been decided by organizations, my idea was to connect with my vision. The cuisine has been prepared by understanding the expectations , meeting the needs of local, creation of special DNA, local along with modern cuisine.” They would be responsible not only for IDAM but other outlets in MIA. He has also given little importance towards vegetarian due to diversified culture in Qatar. My inspiration comes from a combination of the SouthWest of France , where I grew up and from the Mediterranean , which seduced me from a young age.”ßß

IDAM, French Cuisine, Italian , Mediterranean cuisine, Doha

Ambience at IDAM

Cutlery Setup

Cutlery Setup

Together with Executive Chef Romain Meder, Alain Ducasse presents a unique blend of Mediterranean cuisine for IDAM. A must signature Alain Ducasse Cookpot dish comprises seven vegetables lightly spiced, promising a unique, palate- pleasing creation.

Alain Ducasse and Philippe Starck

Alain Ducasse and Philippe Stark

* This post was written for “I Love Qatar” and one of the team member is with them.

The Royal Enfield REpublic Day Bike Rally, 2013!

The day began normally for almost everyone in Mumbai. People who craved a long weekend were lucky enough to have holidays on Friday as well as on Saturday, January 26, 2013. However, for 1000+ Royal Enfield owners there was a reason to celebrate Republic Day in their style with their beloved bikes!

The Carter Road in Bandra is one of the busiest roads of Mumbai, however, every year on the26th January there is a different reason this road becomes the buzz of the town. The proud owners of the Royal Enfield from all over Mumbai and Navi Mumbai gather here for a Republic Day bike rally. The whole road is filled with bikers showing off their priced possession to each other, meeting new people and making new friends.


The Photokatha photographers Tejes and Punit, made sure they captured the bike rally using their expert skills and awesome photography gear. The whole event was being live-tweeted and you can read all our tweets at www.twitter.com/Photokatha. The bikers began assembling at the venue at 8.30 am riding their mean machines, wearing leather jackets and various other biking gears.

The committee members started explaining the rules of the rally to the bikers at 10.45 am followed by singing the National Anthem. The rules were simple. No honking, riding in pairs of 2 and keeping up with the traffic at all points. The rally began at 11am sharp from Carter Road, Bandra and the bikers were made to ride in pairs of 2. This ensured that there was no traffic or any hindrance caused due to the rally. The support and bandobast provided by the Mumbai Police was commendable. There committee members also made sure no one broke any traffic regulations and made it a smooth ride for every biker participating in the rally.

Once the bikes were started the unanimous and super sound made by 1000+ Royal Enfield’s at once was a treat to the ears of everyone who could hear it! It must’ve given some people goosebumps and also made sure people got out of their houses to see the amazing sight the rally offered.

The bikers made their way through the S.V Road at Mahim, Dadar and all the way through Trident at Nariman Point. While passing through Chowpatty, scores of people came out on the roads to check the source of the steady noise coming from all the bikes. People were happy and waving at the bikers and all the bikers reciprocated with a smile. There was a feeling of unity, patriotism and an adrenaline rush felt by everyone in the rally. The Royal Enfield Rally is celebrated every year on the 26th of January (Republic Day) and the 15th of August (Independence Day).


Once the bikes reached Trident at Nariman Point, everyone took a small break for 5 minutes till every bike was there and then took a u-turn and started making our way back to Bandra, Carter Road. The ride back was just as fun and smooth!

It was a surreal experience for everyone at Photokatha as well as all the bikers who participated in the rally.

A big thank you to entire team  along with Steve Miranda and Nigel Rich for his help and support and for letting us be a part of this mega event!

The Blog contributed by Disha Parekh:  Currently, working in the “Digital Media” field and doing “Social Media”. She is  passionate about dance, food and likes reading fictions (Still not over the Harry Potter phase though).
You can get in touch with her on Twitter @Bindaas_Chokri for freelancing work.

Photo Credits :

Tejas Nayak: Visual Story Teller and Portraiture artist. Specialized in Events Photography and Photojournalism,  I have a passion to make my photographs speak for the story of the day. It is quintessential for every form of art to evolve with age and I find myself working every aspect, to nourish my creations. My portfolio includes stints as the official photographer for Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2011-12, TED.com and TEDx events, McDowells Indian Derby and many corporate events. Run a small Wedding Photography venture called “Indian Wedding Katha”

You can always contact and see his work at Website: http://about.me/tejesnayak and https://www.facebook.com/tejesnayakphotography

Punit Gandhi: An entrepreneur in Environmental field, Photography Enthusiast, a Foodie at heart and loves exploring unknown avenues on my bike with like minded people. You can always contact him at punitgandhi06@gmail.com or see his work at www.fb.com/twofirefliesonecamera

You can view pictures by them for the ride at this album. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.582790828402131.152440.347119438635939&type=1

Blog Share: South Dakota Riders

Came across this amazing website for Motorcycle Enthusiast called – South Dakota Ride.

This website gives you total insight of the place South Dakota, and the roads leading to these areas.. So a rider can plan his or her ride with this interactive map of South Dakota..nearly a a virtual tour on the home page.

You can also see events page for learning riding from experienced riders, and can also list rides happening around.. Place you can share your videos and blogs..on the site for others to connect with it.. Forums to discuss about the rides.

Even rules and regulations for state laws also helps a new rider to connect with South Dakota..Not to forget to see the Riding safety area at bloggers corner.

View more in detail at http://southdakotaride.com/ or connect with Terry Woster terry.woster@state.sd.us. for more details

.South Dakota, USA, Riding, Harley, Virutal Tour to ride, Harley Davidson, Road King, Motorcycle, Biking, Drag Race,

26th January, 2013 Photographers & Bloggers Required for Royal Enfield Owners Ride, Bandra, India

We are looking for Photographers and Bloggers (Live twitter Feeds) for 26th January, 2013 for Royal Enfield Owners Ride, Bandra, Mumbai, India to cover the event . This would be a volunteer help toward Photokatha as the previous team has always been on volunteer as even the ride is. This is purely for the feeling of togetherness Photokatha is supporting the ride.

As photographer, it is an advantage to be part of about 1500 Royal Enfield together, great networking experience and photography experience as well.

Being Blogger, you would be given Photographs from the team and you could write small post on the event with your experience along with Twitter Feeds and on facebook as well.

*Credits on Photokatha would be given to each one separately.
The details of the events are https://www.facebook.com/events/241386472660078/.

Certain things important for the Photographer:

*You would be sitting behind the bike and doing photography.

*Helmets are compulsory ..Half Helmet can be worn.

*All photographs needs to be edited as per your likes and sent across within 2 days of event

*No Watermark can be put as we would be giving due credit and link to your work on Photokatha

*Once the team is finalized there would be skype call to give you little brief about the event and how to go about it.

Certain things for Blogger/ Live Twitter Feeds

*If the blogger wants to be part of event, then can be by sitting behind the bike.

*If not can write post for Photokatha team and due credits would be given along with links to their work

* Live twitter feeds can be done as per the person’s will, Photokatha and personal handle both can be used. Connect with as many riders as possible.

Do not contact any riders from the event share directly to avoid confusion.

For more details drop email to contactphotokatha@gmail.com  or Twitter: @photokatha or Facebook- photokatha

Royal Enfield Independence Ride, 2013