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Fathers Day! 16th June, 2013

This Fathers Day, 16th June gift you father memories of years! “Here in every memory, See his love and care, Strength and hands to count on, Freely he does share, Provider, toil so faithfully, To make our dreams come true, Give strong and tender discipline, Though it is hard to do, A Father is God’s chosen one, To lead the family, And point it to His will for life, Of love and harmony… Create memories with great picturesque for the house! Father day, 16th June, 2013, Celebration, qatar, Doha Father day, 16th June, 2013, Celebration, qatar, Doha Father day, 16th June, 2013, Celebration, qatar, Doha Do you wana create memories something like this ? Contact us at contactphotokatha@gmail.com or tweet to @photokatha Happy Fathers day to all Strong Daddies!

Stomp Qatar, Qatar, Ilove Qatar, ILQ, Ajeebness, London Olympics, Travel, photography, Doha News, Music, Stomping, Household Music, press conference

“STOMP” and Keep Stomping

Stomp Qatar, Qatar, Ilove Qatar, ILQ, Ajeebness, London Olympics, Travel, photography, Doha News, Music, Stomping, Household Music


Written for ILoveQatar


I was at the Press Conference for “STOMP” , Grand Hyatt Doha

Lines I heard, “IRRESISTIBLE! A Sure- Fire Crowd Pleaser” is what the NEW York Times wrote about STOMP. One of the wildest, most dynamic and most entertaining

Whats STOMP? Do you want to STOMP?

STOMP is just about Rhythm, which is common to all cultures. It is the basis of music, the basis of life. It is a hilarious mix of breathtaking dance choreographies, wild percussion outburst and staggering acrobatics.
STOMP is the most dynamic, wild and breathtaking production of all times.
STOMP plays its own Broadway theatre for nearly 20 years.
STOMP plays the London West End since more than a decade with Thousands of shows.
STOMP has toured the world in 48 countries with an overwhelming success.
STOMP has sold more than 15 million tickets worldwide so far
STOMP have lately been seen by more than half of the world’s inhabitants during their performance at the closing ceremony of the OLYMPIC GAMES in London.
STOMP is the first theatre entertainment production to hit Qatar right from their performances in Las Vegas, Londons’ Westend and the Broadway in New York.

Recently STOMP have performed at OLYMPIC GAMES in LONDON in Summer 2012.

And now these furious choreographies, crazy acrobatics and blow-away rhythms are coming to DOHA on June 6 – 8 at the Qatar National Convention Centre.

Stomp Qatar, Qatar, Ilove Qatar, ILQ, Ajeebness, London Olympics, Travel, photography, Doha News, Music, Stomping, Household Music

General Manager & Producer of STOMP Ms. Gynis HALL



General Manager & Producer of STOMP Ms. Gynis HALL said that “If you are bringing your kids, make sure when they go back home they do not use household items and start stomping”.

Press Conference, Stomp, Qatar Doha, Photography, travel, UK,


The press conference was on behalf of Ahmed Hassan Bilal Group of Companies, where the panel was taken by Mr. Christoph Franzen – General Manager Grand Hyatt Doha , Mr. Chris VAN KAMP – Managing Director Premium Projects, Events Manager AHB Group- Ms. Priyanka Kapur, MR. Martin Hope- Director of British Council,.

Stomp Qatar, Qatar, Ilove Qatar, ILQ, Ajeebness, London Olympics, Travel, photography, Doha News, Music, Stomping, Household Music, press conference, media

Mr. Christoph Franzen – General Manager, Grand Hyatt Doha


Mr. Christoph Franzen – General Manager Grand Hyatt Doha also mentioned during press conference that when the STOMP team arrives in the hotel, next day brunch, they are going to surprise the Hyatt guests by performing in the brunch area. This would really interesting to capture…What do you think?

History of STOMP

Stomp Qatar, Qatar, Ilove Qatar, ILQ, Ajeebness, London Olympics, Travel, photography, Doha News, Music, Stomping, Household Music, press conference


STOMP was created as a street show, the artists using a variety of everyday percussion instruments in their performances. LUKE CRESSWELL and STEVE MCNICHOLAS first worked together in 1981 as members of the street bands and theatre groups. Together, these groups presented a series of street comedy musicals at the EDINBURGH FESTIVAL throughout the early 1980s. Between 1987 and 1990, LUKE CRESSWELL staged four large-scale outdoor events, including “Beat the Clyde”, which involved floating a drum orchestra on a pontoon in the center of Glasgow.
In the summer of 1991, CRESSWELL and MCNICHOLAS produced, financed and directed the original STOMP show, previewing at London’s BLOOMSBURY THEATRE and premiering at the ASSEMBLY ROOMS in Edinburgh, where it became the GUARDIAN’s “Critic’s Choice” and won the DAILY EXPRESS’s “Best Of The Fringe” award. Touring the world between 1991 and 1994, STOMP received OLIVIER awards for “Best Entertainment” and “Best Choreography”.
In the summer of 1997, CRESSWELL and MCNICHOLAS created and directed “STOMP OUT LOUD”, a 45 minute television special for HBO, which combined stage material with new pieces created for TV. It aired in the US in December 1997 and subsequently received four EMMY AWARD nominations. Another blend of live action and film footage was created for the EMMY AWARD CEREMONY, in which Stomp performed with SPIKE JONES. In 2000, STOMP performed at the LINCOLN MEMORIAL for President BILL CLINTON’s Millennium celebrations.

So what you waiting for …Make use of your household items! and start Stomping

Stomp Qatar, Qatar, Ilove Qatar, ILQ, Ajeebness, London Olympics, Travel, photography, Doha News, Music, Stomping, Household Music, press conference

Stomp Qatar, Qatar, Ilove Qatar, ILQ, Ajeebness, London Olympics, Travel, photography, Doha News, Music, Stomping, Household Music, press conference


Video of STOMP Performance :

Stomp Qatar, Qatar, Ilove Qatar, ILQ, Ajeebness, London Olympics, Travel, photography, Doha News, Music, Stomping, Household Music, press conference

IDAM restaurant , Doha at Islamic Museum of Art

IDAM restaurant , Doha at Islamic Museum of Art

Contemporary French Mediterranean cuisine with Arabic twist “IDAM Restaurant” gave an insight to how design and cuisine can be blended , directly themselves from Philippe Starck and Alain Ducasse . The Creator of Cuisine is Alain Ducaase . This restaurant nestles on the top floor of the Islamic Museum of Art. An Ala carte menu features between six mezze dishes QR 45 to QR 90 ,three vegetable -QR 160, etc. We got this opportunity to get a quick insight of Philip Starck ideas behind IDAM restaurant design. He mentioned that “ Iam a movie director , I created black and white for ambiance and the people to fill colors. This museum is the most beautiful in this world, its very geometrical, crystal based and my job was to bring life in the crystal theory by my designs. Its not about designs, architects for me.. Its about us, culture, local people.” The restaurant being placed in iconic landmark in Qatar – Museum of Islamic Art it blends local tradition with modernity. The guests at IDAM will enjoy a dinning experience that transcends time and surpasses expectation. Contemporary monochrome furnishings adorn the arabic culture for the restaurant. Starck mentions his passion for the elegant and poetic intelligence of Arab literature stating “ It was a duty to give a tribute to all these masters of literature.” Phillppe Starck ended it by saying his vision on IDAM by adding his “touch of moralism and poetry with some fertile surprises to open the mind of the people who will be interested to dream and build a vision.”

IDAM, Doha, Qatar, Cultural Village, French Cuisine,

Alain Ducasse , the “architect of IDAM Cuisine”, the world’s most decorated chef. He said “ the origin behind this restaurant is lot to do with my travel to, Morocco, Lebanon, middle Eastern, Egypt, India and create this mix of Mediterranean cuisine with the mix of arabic culture. The cuisine makes it more palatable with lesser salt, lesser fat and lesser sugar.. We also wanted to have a fair price, according to the location where IDAM is nestled. However the prices have been decided by organizations, my idea was to connect with my vision. The cuisine has been prepared by understanding the expectations , meeting the needs of local, creation of special DNA, local along with modern cuisine.” They would be responsible not only for IDAM but other outlets in MIA. He has also given little importance towards vegetarian due to diversified culture in Qatar. My inspiration comes from a combination of the SouthWest of France , where I grew up and from the Mediterranean , which seduced me from a young age.”ßß

IDAM, French Cuisine, Italian , Mediterranean cuisine, Doha

Ambience at IDAM

Cutlery Setup

Cutlery Setup

Together with Executive Chef Romain Meder, Alain Ducasse presents a unique blend of Mediterranean cuisine for IDAM. A must signature Alain Ducasse Cookpot dish comprises seven vegetables lightly spiced, promising a unique, palate- pleasing creation.

Alain Ducasse and Philippe Starck

Alain Ducasse and Philippe Stark

* This post was written for “I Love Qatar” and one of the team member is with them.

The Royal Enfield REpublic Day Bike Rally, 2013!

The day began normally for almost everyone in Mumbai. People who craved a long weekend were lucky enough to have holidays on Friday as well as on Saturday, January 26, 2013. However, for 1000+ Royal Enfield owners there was a reason to celebrate Republic Day in their style with their beloved bikes!

The Carter Road in Bandra is one of the busiest roads of Mumbai, however, every year on the26th January there is a different reason this road becomes the buzz of the town. The proud owners of the Royal Enfield from all over Mumbai and Navi Mumbai gather here for a Republic Day bike rally. The whole road is filled with bikers showing off their priced possession to each other, meeting new people and making new friends.


The Photokatha photographers Tejes and Punit, made sure they captured the bike rally using their expert skills and awesome photography gear. The whole event was being live-tweeted and you can read all our tweets at www.twitter.com/Photokatha. The bikers began assembling at the venue at 8.30 am riding their mean machines, wearing leather jackets and various other biking gears.

The committee members started explaining the rules of the rally to the bikers at 10.45 am followed by singing the National Anthem. The rules were simple. No honking, riding in pairs of 2 and keeping up with the traffic at all points. The rally began at 11am sharp from Carter Road, Bandra and the bikers were made to ride in pairs of 2. This ensured that there was no traffic or any hindrance caused due to the rally. The support and bandobast provided by the Mumbai Police was commendable. There committee members also made sure no one broke any traffic regulations and made it a smooth ride for every biker participating in the rally.

Once the bikes were started the unanimous and super sound made by 1000+ Royal Enfield’s at once was a treat to the ears of everyone who could hear it! It must’ve given some people goosebumps and also made sure people got out of their houses to see the amazing sight the rally offered.

The bikers made their way through the S.V Road at Mahim, Dadar and all the way through Trident at Nariman Point. While passing through Chowpatty, scores of people came out on the roads to check the source of the steady noise coming from all the bikes. People were happy and waving at the bikers and all the bikers reciprocated with a smile. There was a feeling of unity, patriotism and an adrenaline rush felt by everyone in the rally. The Royal Enfield Rally is celebrated every year on the 26th of January (Republic Day) and the 15th of August (Independence Day).


Once the bikes reached Trident at Nariman Point, everyone took a small break for 5 minutes till every bike was there and then took a u-turn and started making our way back to Bandra, Carter Road. The ride back was just as fun and smooth!

It was a surreal experience for everyone at Photokatha as well as all the bikers who participated in the rally.

A big thank you to entire team  along with Steve Miranda and Nigel Rich for his help and support and for letting us be a part of this mega event!

The Blog contributed by Disha Parekh:  Currently, working in the “Digital Media” field and doing “Social Media”. She is  passionate about dance, food and likes reading fictions (Still not over the Harry Potter phase though).
You can get in touch with her on Twitter @Bindaas_Chokri for freelancing work.

Photo Credits :

Tejas Nayak: Visual Story Teller and Portraiture artist. Specialized in Events Photography and Photojournalism,  I have a passion to make my photographs speak for the story of the day. It is quintessential for every form of art to evolve with age and I find myself working every aspect, to nourish my creations. My portfolio includes stints as the official photographer for Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2011-12, TED.com and TEDx events, McDowells Indian Derby and many corporate events. Run a small Wedding Photography venture called “Indian Wedding Katha”

You can always contact and see his work at Website: http://about.me/tejesnayak and https://www.facebook.com/tejesnayakphotography

Punit Gandhi: An entrepreneur in Environmental field, Photography Enthusiast, a Foodie at heart and loves exploring unknown avenues on my bike with like minded people. You can always contact him at punitgandhi06@gmail.com or see his work at www.fb.com/twofirefliesonecamera

You can view pictures by them for the ride at this album. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.582790828402131.152440.347119438635939&type=1

Soul Riders and – Harley Davidson Elite Riders Should I say ?

How many of you have been lucky to get your passion and dream within 2 weeks in a new country?..Not many..right.. Well I got a chance to feel my passion , and dream not any other place than #Doha, Qatar.

Bikerni, Rider, Biker, Doha ,Qatar, Harley Davidson

The Bikerni- Association for Female Riders in India..Soon (International)

Being a women rider (The Bikerni member-Association of  Female Riders in India) , in a punctilious culture of Doha was something that  you would always have raised around you.. No matter India, women riders always have had  heads and eye turning to them. Very recently learnt riding over Royal En-field an Yamaha always dreamed of  being with Harley owners.. And Yes Soul Riders- from Doha gave me this amazing feeling of bonding in new culture and diversified culture of Doha. Mr. Khalid Alhamadi , Team of Soul Riders, ensured that language not being barrier for the new biker in the group and the same warmth being given.

Today was the small meetup with the group members, where the ride started from Le Boutique to Pearl , Doha and experienced the thrill to be on Harley CVO Ultra Electra Ride..and some stunts and willies.. I must say the 1800 Cc touring bike made me fly with the weight of size 0 in front of me. Not to forget the music companion along with the rides..made it quiet easy as pillion, to avoid from being bored on the bike. Think while long distance and riding solo.. Ufff.. Nothing can be better compare to this Harley.

With the temperature around 11degrees, I was nearly freezing to cold as pillion. And realizing this , Khalid started the heater which would give warm effect for the pillion and even the rider holding the handle.. Nothing could be better than riding this in the heavy temperatures of Swiz.z.

Thanks to android world now days, that mobile battery knocks of within some hours. So keeping the battery conscious for hours is something my worry always.. Hell ya !this bike is like mini room for the tourers.. You also have battery charger for the phone,  mobile holders,.. etc.

Doha, Soul Riders, Harley Davidson, The Bikerni, India, Biker, Tourer, Haly Davidson

Road Glide

Doha, Soul Riders, Harley Davidson, The Bikerni, India, Biker, Touer, Haly Davidson Doha, Soul Riders, Harley Davidson, The Bikerni, India, Biker, Touer, Haly Davidson

Small visit to Harley Davidson Store,, made me feel like a child.. ..Saw just METAL….COLORS..NICHE..everywhere. Saw some Road King Custom, Street Bob, Sportster, Dyna, etc.. (Wait for more pics coming soon ).

20130110_191729 _MG_8169 _MG_8175 _MG_8177 _MG_8178

  Harley Davidson, The Bikerni, Doha, Qatar, bikes, Tourer, Bikerslife, Doha Qatar, Soul Riders, Travel, Photography, Rally, Group Rides,


_MG_8183 20130110_191000 20130110_191008 20130110_191726

Day ends with some groups photos of Upcoming International -The Bikerni- Indian Woman Bike Association of Female Bikers : India ..along with me (still in process) ..

Upcoming International The Bikernis- Soul Riders

Upcoming International The Bikernis- Soul Riders

Vision of Harley Davidson ” We fulfill dreams inspired by the many roads of the world by providing extraordinary motorcycles and customer experiences. We fuel the passion for freedom in our customers to express their own individuality” (Feel this by being part of Harley)

Doha Trade Fair 2013

The Doha Trade Fair 2013 is Qatar’s Biggest shopping carnival of the year. Without the entry free to this Fair, is something that each exhibition should learn as diversified country exposure but no cost for visitor. . This shopping carnival for a new visitor to the country would be culture shock or rather difference as there are visitors from 82 countries  strolling over different stalls.

Turkey, Doha Trade Fair 2013, Qatar, Doha, Travel, Photography, Soap, Blogging, Lonely Planet,Arabic, UAE, Dubai, Dance

Doha Exhibition Centre

10 Day event or carnival, features over 570 renowned exhibitors from 29 countries, selling wide range of products from sweets from different countries, apparels , fashion or style from each country, to perfume and cosmetics. Last year there were about 250, 000 visitors in July for the same carnival. Countries include Iran, Afghanistan  Saudi Arabia, India, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, Syria, Thailand, Egypt, Qatar, Malaysia, UAE, Oman and Korea.

Doha Trade Fair 2013, UAE, Qatar, BLogginf, Photographey, Fashion, Style, Spices, Food, Cuisine, Travel, Egypt

Sweets from Egypt.

Doha Trade Fair 2013, UAE, Qatar, BLogginf, Photographey, Fashion, Style, Eqypt.

Gold plated artifacts from Lebanon

Doha Trade Fair 2013, UAE, Qatar, BLogginf, Photographey, Fashion, Style, Spices, Food, Cuisine, TravelSpices from Qatar

Doha Trade Fair 2013, UAE, Qatar, BLogginf, Photographey, Fashion, Style, Eqypt.

Aladdin, the lamp from where Genie came out

This carnival will give you an experience, that each country has unique fashion style to go with food items as well. How many of you ,, have ever seen dance form from Egypt, Thailand, India, Yemen, Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, Etc? I have not even seen in youtube till now. At this exhibition , you would also have this experience of seeing different forms of dance from different countries and watching it along where you are rubbing your shoulders withvisitors from different countries as well.

DOha trad fair 2013, Qatar, UAE, Dance form, Blogging

Dance style from different countries

Turkey, Doha Trade Fair 2013, Qatar, Doha, Travel, Photography, Soap, Blogging, Lonely Planet,Arabic, UAE, Dubai, Dance

Form of Dance by Arabic dancers

Doha Trade Fair 2013, UAE, Qatar, BLogginf, Photographey, Fashion, Style, Spices, Food, Cuisine, Travel

Visitors from Qatar Nationals

There is  secret version to this fair..which many might not have even thought of exploring. Just outside the center or main entrance..You can also catch a glimpse at exhibition different modified bikes for Harley, BMW or Honda..

Bikes, Doha Trade Fair, Qatar, Bikes, Honda

Now Who wants a ride on spiderman

The pricing for the items sold are very variant depending on the quality. for eg.  stilettos Prices 110QAR, Leggings – 50QAR, Abaya – 3000QAR (designer only) etc.

Hair Unique styling also makes a difference..

Hair Unique styling also makes a difference..

Doha Trade Fair 2013, UAE, Qatar, BLogginf, Photographey, Fashion, Style, Spices, Food, Cuisine, Travel, Abaya, Qarati National

Qatari Lady in Abaya

Designer stilettos would have high heels like 6 to 12 inches.. and I was wondering how do they manage walking in them,…And then I’m passed by an abaya lady…with these stilettos.

stilettos from across countires like china, thailand..europe.

stilettos from across countires like china, thailand..europe.

So all ladies..Where do you wear your finger rings, at the end of the fingers..Ideally..see below pic: You can wear finger rings in these ways as well .

Rings, Doha Trade Fair, Fashion, Style, UAE

Types of rings worn across by women here.

Unique fashion can be seen. There is something as multi-wrap dresses which available in about 15  colours. Produced in Taiwan, the dresses is made from nylon can be worn in more than 50 ways, with the instructions contained in a CD given to each customer for free. There was fashion from different countries,,,colours all around..

Doha Trade Fair 2013, UAE, Qatar, BLogginf, Photographey, Fashion, Style, Eqypt.

Dress from Egypt

Doha Trade Fair 2013, UAE, Qatar, BLogginf, Photographey, Fashion, Style, Spices, Food, Cuisine, Travel, Syria

Artifacts to Decorate villas from Syria

Doha Trade Fair 2013, UAE, Qatar, BLogginf, Photographey, Fashion, Style, Spices, Food, Cuisine, Travel, Syria

Household furniture from Syria

Doha Trade Fair 2013, UAE, Qatar, BLogginf, Photographey, Fashion, Style, Spices, Food, Cuisine, Travel

Chandeliers from Dubai

Turkey, Doha Trade Fair 2013, Qatar, Doha, Travel, Photography, Soap, Blogging, Lonely Planet,

Turkish Hand Made Soap Naural

After long hours of exploring the carnival, I thought of some mouth watering desert to be relished on. So tried Arabic Icecream called ” Booza” which is an elastic, sticky, high level melt resistant ice cream for hotter days in Arab Country.

Man behind Arabic Icecream.

Man behind Arabic Icecream.

Exhibition Centre

Exhibition Centre

Celebrating Christmas with Gods Children

We all spend our Christmas by giving gifts to friends, families and loved ones.  Christmas, means time for celebration, time to spread the joy and smile to the world and this is what our very dear “Santa Claus” did to our kids. So here the “Santa Claus” was “Madoverdonuts” where they gave donuts to give away as gifts for the kids… We are young enthusiasts who creates memories by sharing pictures (No age bar) planned to celebrate Christmas by giving small happiness through these donuts. Madoverdonuts along with Photokatha created memories for the Gods kids.

So they went to a small village in Sanpada…where there were about 25 kids for whom the donuts were a new food item. They looked at the donuts with hungry eyes and enjoyed the most while having it.. Each kid had a twinkle in the eye for the Christmas celebration and some of them even asked in their local language “are you the Santa Claus?” Hearing this , we felt that this the best way to share donuts and happiness for Pre Christmas celebrations..

Madoverdonuts NaviMumbai along with Photokatha created memories for the Gods kids. So who are you planning to celebrate Christmas with?

You can reach Madoverdonuts at Twitter: @madoverdonuts

donuts, Merry Christmas, 25th Dec, Cakes and donuts, India, Madoverdonuts

Curious eyes

Satnaclaus, Donuts, Merry Chrsitmas, 2th dec, india, village culture, NGO, kids.

Thank you Santaclaus

Donuts, Madoverdonuts, Village kids, Merry christmas, NGO, cakes, celebrations, India,.phototgraphy

Happiness can be anything to these gods people

IMG_7917 IMG_7918 IMG_7919 IMG_7920 _MG_7926

Standup Comedy with NokiaappTASTING

Being late for event like this, that means you are an “IDIOT”. Now I had tattoo appointment which got delayed due to my non resistance to pain and reached the event late by 1 Hour. Apologizes for that. With the massive needle penetration and convulsion, I still managed to be part of the event and active with games and quizzes irrespective I was just waving my hand for all activities , advantage of sitting close to stage direct view of Mr. Rajiv Makhani  and he listening to whatever I was whispering. As I enter the elephantine room of  Taj Land End, I see all unknown faces and filled with people.. Upset of being late,  Couldnt find my blogeshwaris  group.  With a warm and welcoming smile by Vineet made me at ease. Taj staff placed a chair next to to blogeshwari’s and got a radiant smile over me. Apologizes of no photos as I was injured to use my Canon 7 D which was lying in my bag.

Confused what Event I was talking of.. for people who reading this post New. This event was about #Nokiapptasting in association with Indiblogger hosted by Mr.Rajiv Makhani and Mr. Vikas Khanna. The ballroom was filled with giggles, chuckling and amusement. I was thinking now how can two hosts one little bit familiar to me from NDTV Good times and other looking as if wearing someone else’s blazer on him.(Im sure now he is gonna reject reading my post ) The pun intended here was Vikas being a chef had amazing Punjabi accent and affable Rajiv with his unique ability of standing for hours and getting clicked with  bloggers..needs lots of willingness to endure by oneself.

When I entered i saw the app testing of  —-Let me re correct tasting- as free following wine I could see everywhere, but the steward thought I was minor and never served me 😦 Vineet. ..are you listening..! —– was being displayed on the billboard. Apps like making ugly people look good(vice versa it is ).. and Simran ..(Now must be thinking beautiful damsel from DDLJ..But there your pervert mind goes wrong)..check here who is Simran here .. the sushil Simran was well explained by Rajiv.

The look on Vikas was most of the time lost.. thinking what am I doing in this technology world.. So everytime an app was discussed he would carefully listen to Rajiv.

Different apps where discussed during the show, now naming them for a foodie like me is gonna be utter crash on Nokia front. So getting Vikas on this show make sense to me.. As all gadget gyaan with no food is no way to Indian audience. But I can name some app which were discussed like, Hello Vino, Food spotting, and the above app which makes people look ugly.. Cant remember the name as was concentrating on Simran and Rajiv Standup Comedy. The unique requests for making new apps was the next attraction between hosts and audience. Requests like  finding perfect match, and to remove men who do not speak properly or are rude…. Well my take of making new apps was – My mother keep things here and there and then I cant find them ever. So apps where we can store our home  items and location of the same in the wardrobe- This comes when you fight every morning to find your stuff.

Poonam Kaul, Directors of Communication, Nokia got cherishing smile on everybody faces where people could win Lumia and Pureview in different events during the show and offline through blogs. Then I was thinking to myself, on the show I doubt I would be able to win even a prize with injured back and offline..No chance..with so many experienced bloggers.. A Newbie like me has no chance.

The enchantment of the event was the food and tech quiz .. And Finally I saw major interest from Vikas as finally his strength was foooooood.. First time ever in quiz history, Yes or No answer was passed.. and It was more funny when the entire joke was laughed by Rajiv and the audience then is when Vikas understood. This was so natural that we as blogger felt connected to both of the hosts. Question like National Soup of India, fullform of CDMA , many questions made the audience open google and check to win the prized from Nokia. Blind Soup tasting was the finale of the event, where the girl duos ..(absolutely didnt know if they were here to dance or to play Quiz. As Vikas said pure luck was with them to win this quiz) . Interesting character as Sadarji who eats his food without salt.. as he forgot to mention the same in the list.

The event ended by a great cake cutting by Indiblogger team, and we blogeshwaris presenting card for the entire team for being 5 ears young still. Kuddos to the team to bring a such beautiful mix of event.

My attraction here was Rajiv, only because of my one comment that ” I unfollowed you as you talk about only tech which can be referred through google. Incase you evsery spoke about yourself it would be more connected” . This line got him tweeting to all that night.. and I got follow back too. Not to forget Vikas was bored posing for pictures for each blogger, where Rajiiv was active like a papparazzi.

Sumptuous food and wine couldnt be enjoyed by me, as hat to rush home.. like 40 km away from Vashi.. and then pain from tattoo wouldnt want be to enjoy.

All in all, good experience to meet different bloggers, connecting with new genre of industry and running to eat cake 🙂

You can view pictures of the event thorough links before.

Indiblogger Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151026383107883.426323.67564062882&type=3

Froz Shakir- http://www.flickr.com/photos/firozeshakir/sets/72157631146878798/

Four Seasons Wine Tasting and Cooking at Novotel

How many of you think that Wine is a style statement and can be understood only by a very well drinker with information?Most of you right. The statement by CEO Mr. Abhay KewadkarHead UB – Four Seasons Wines and Chief Wine Maker still runs in mind when he said ” Wine is a drink. Enjoy the way you enjoy whisky, vodka or any other beverage. Wine is not about how old is the winery, how the glass is to be hold, how to pair it with some cuisine,etc. But it is about enjoying the drink the way  you cherish other beverages and gradually after  likeness the quality of engaging in tasting will make you an expert.

Mr. Abhay Kewdkar giving speech about Wine Tasting

So event, was about tasting Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Shiraz in Novotel hotel in Juhu in  GADDA DA VIDA terrace bar along with cook out of Arrachini­ Risotto balls − stuffed with mozzarella and topped with sun dried tomatoes with the Chef Ranveer from Novotel hotel.

Wine Tasting

Chef Ranveer explaining usage of wine in the today’s dish

A small speech by Mr Abhay kewadkar regarding the purpose of the event and types of wine they serve is something kept me wondering.(. Why I have been a vodka drinker till now).  Pairing of wine with cuisine is important in some places to enhance the flavours of the wine. While conducting an event in Kolkata they created a new list of special dishes from Kolkata and paired it with the wine which suits the pallete. So they are planing to introduce the same to Maharashtra cuisine and pairing the right taste of wine.So then being from Gujarat,( cant leave Gujarati behind),  I was thinking if there is an event in Gujarat( Incase the state plans to remove the dry state policy).. what will they pair for khakra , dhokla. (jokes apart). The idea to pair wine with cuisine would be  interesting for people like me who have little knowledge. You can understand the basic types of wine and the history to start with from Four Season website as they have complete understanding about it.

Chef Ranveer introduced himself and mentioned the different types of wine he has tasted and thought of using the same in today’s dish as well called “Arrachini­ Risotto balls “. Bloggers and wine aficionados were divided between two groups of Non Veg and Veg and asked to start making these balls. The difficult part was to match the beauties prepared by Chef and me trying hard to prepare the dish. The fun continued till we were served the dish which was then given a proper touch by Chef Ranveer ..I’ll share the recipe in the next blog for foodies…..

Setup for the cook out

Non Veg Section Cooking Setup

Describing the styling of Arrachini Balls

Prepared Arrachini­ Risotto balls

There were also varied dishes laid out in the buffet area which could be used to compare along with wine options. The ambiance of Novotel lounge were swimming pool and lazy chairs made the event more comfortable and interactive.  Mr Abhay then had long conversation about Royal Enfield bikes and his interest as he realized that I had shot the Rider Mania Event for them 2011. So any next event , he would definately want an update from the team. So @royalenfield would now be informed for new member to be added on the list..

After great wine and food on Sunday lazy morning, wish there was  dip in pool along with it. (Thats asking for too much now ). The event was ended with thanks giving speech by Mr. Abhay and Check Ranveer .

Lazy Wine

PS. Big thank you to Karina Agarwal – @giggle_water  and Ginger Claps for sending me the invite and acknowledging the presence.  Big thank you to Fours Seasons Wine  Team and Novotel for the amazing experience and fun time.

Group Photo