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Fathers Day! 16th June, 2013

This Fathers Day, 16th June gift you father memories of years! “Here in every memory, See his love and care, Strength and hands to count on, Freely he does share, Provider, toil so faithfully, To make our dreams come true, Give strong and tender discipline, Though it is hard to do, A Father is God’s chosen one, To lead the family, And point it to His will for life, Of love and harmony… Create memories with great picturesque for the house! Father day, 16th June, 2013, Celebration, qatar, Doha Father day, 16th June, 2013, Celebration, qatar, Doha Father day, 16th June, 2013, Celebration, qatar, Doha Do you wana create memories something like this ? Contact us at contactphotokatha@gmail.com or tweet to @photokatha Happy Fathers day to all Strong Daddies!

Stomp Qatar, Qatar, Ilove Qatar, ILQ, Ajeebness, London Olympics, Travel, photography, Doha News, Music, Stomping, Household Music, press conference

“STOMP” and Keep Stomping

Stomp Qatar, Qatar, Ilove Qatar, ILQ, Ajeebness, London Olympics, Travel, photography, Doha News, Music, Stomping, Household Music


Written for ILoveQatar


I was at the Press Conference for “STOMP” , Grand Hyatt Doha

Lines I heard, “IRRESISTIBLE! A Sure- Fire Crowd Pleaser” is what the NEW York Times wrote about STOMP. One of the wildest, most dynamic and most entertaining

Whats STOMP? Do you want to STOMP?

STOMP is just about Rhythm, which is common to all cultures. It is the basis of music, the basis of life. It is a hilarious mix of breathtaking dance choreographies, wild percussion outburst and staggering acrobatics.
STOMP is the most dynamic, wild and breathtaking production of all times.
STOMP plays its own Broadway theatre for nearly 20 years.
STOMP plays the London West End since more than a decade with Thousands of shows.
STOMP has toured the world in 48 countries with an overwhelming success.
STOMP has sold more than 15 million tickets worldwide so far
STOMP have lately been seen by more than half of the world’s inhabitants during their performance at the closing ceremony of the OLYMPIC GAMES in London.
STOMP is the first theatre entertainment production to hit Qatar right from their performances in Las Vegas, Londons’ Westend and the Broadway in New York.

Recently STOMP have performed at OLYMPIC GAMES in LONDON in Summer 2012.

And now these furious choreographies, crazy acrobatics and blow-away rhythms are coming to DOHA on June 6 – 8 at the Qatar National Convention Centre.

Stomp Qatar, Qatar, Ilove Qatar, ILQ, Ajeebness, London Olympics, Travel, photography, Doha News, Music, Stomping, Household Music

General Manager & Producer of STOMP Ms. Gynis HALL



General Manager & Producer of STOMP Ms. Gynis HALL said that “If you are bringing your kids, make sure when they go back home they do not use household items and start stomping”.

Press Conference, Stomp, Qatar Doha, Photography, travel, UK,


The press conference was on behalf of Ahmed Hassan Bilal Group of Companies, where the panel was taken by Mr. Christoph Franzen – General Manager Grand Hyatt Doha , Mr. Chris VAN KAMP – Managing Director Premium Projects, Events Manager AHB Group- Ms. Priyanka Kapur, MR. Martin Hope- Director of British Council,.

Stomp Qatar, Qatar, Ilove Qatar, ILQ, Ajeebness, London Olympics, Travel, photography, Doha News, Music, Stomping, Household Music, press conference, media

Mr. Christoph Franzen – General Manager, Grand Hyatt Doha


Mr. Christoph Franzen – General Manager Grand Hyatt Doha also mentioned during press conference that when the STOMP team arrives in the hotel, next day brunch, they are going to surprise the Hyatt guests by performing in the brunch area. This would really interesting to capture…What do you think?

History of STOMP

Stomp Qatar, Qatar, Ilove Qatar, ILQ, Ajeebness, London Olympics, Travel, photography, Doha News, Music, Stomping, Household Music, press conference


STOMP was created as a street show, the artists using a variety of everyday percussion instruments in their performances. LUKE CRESSWELL and STEVE MCNICHOLAS first worked together in 1981 as members of the street bands and theatre groups. Together, these groups presented a series of street comedy musicals at the EDINBURGH FESTIVAL throughout the early 1980s. Between 1987 and 1990, LUKE CRESSWELL staged four large-scale outdoor events, including “Beat the Clyde”, which involved floating a drum orchestra on a pontoon in the center of Glasgow.
In the summer of 1991, CRESSWELL and MCNICHOLAS produced, financed and directed the original STOMP show, previewing at London’s BLOOMSBURY THEATRE and premiering at the ASSEMBLY ROOMS in Edinburgh, where it became the GUARDIAN’s “Critic’s Choice” and won the DAILY EXPRESS’s “Best Of The Fringe” award. Touring the world between 1991 and 1994, STOMP received OLIVIER awards for “Best Entertainment” and “Best Choreography”.
In the summer of 1997, CRESSWELL and MCNICHOLAS created and directed “STOMP OUT LOUD”, a 45 minute television special for HBO, which combined stage material with new pieces created for TV. It aired in the US in December 1997 and subsequently received four EMMY AWARD nominations. Another blend of live action and film footage was created for the EMMY AWARD CEREMONY, in which Stomp performed with SPIKE JONES. In 2000, STOMP performed at the LINCOLN MEMORIAL for President BILL CLINTON’s Millennium celebrations.

So what you waiting for …Make use of your household items! and start Stomping

Stomp Qatar, Qatar, Ilove Qatar, ILQ, Ajeebness, London Olympics, Travel, photography, Doha News, Music, Stomping, Household Music, press conference

Stomp Qatar, Qatar, Ilove Qatar, ILQ, Ajeebness, London Olympics, Travel, photography, Doha News, Music, Stomping, Household Music, press conference


Video of STOMP Performance :

Stomp Qatar, Qatar, Ilove Qatar, ILQ, Ajeebness, London Olympics, Travel, photography, Doha News, Music, Stomping, Household Music, press conference

Nokia 610 review by non geeky

Lumia 610, Official Nokia India post, Best Nokia Lumia 610 Picture, India, Technology, Tech Blog, Cyn colour, Best picture of nokia lumia 610, head phones, windows 8, Mango processor,

We all like using new handset which has come in the market….or atleast we want to test it and review before buying.. That was my simple idea for Nokia 610 … so we approached The Bloggers Mind, Delhi to help with this.. With great request and the power of relationship, they agreed to this request and sent across a Nokia 610 for us to experience the same. Guess what, Nokia 610 arrives in cyan colour at my doorstep, and I jump to joy seeing the request was approved with some formalities in such a short notice.. Specifications of Lumia 610: CPU: 800MHz processor Memory: 8 GB storage, 256 MB RAM Camera: 5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, has front camera as well Screen: 3.7inches 480 x 800 pixel screen OS- Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Lumia 610, Official Nokia India post, Best Nokia Lumia 610 Picture, India, Technology, Tech Blog, Cyn colour, Best picture of nokia lumia 610, head phones, windows 8, Mango processor, Bloggers mind

These are the basic features which we are sharing. You can always have detailed and apt feature of the phone by GSMarena. Inregards to specifications we believe that they have the best and correct specifications. What fascinated me was the promising cyan colour of Lumia 610, and the home screen or the start menu which is vertically arranged with live tiles in Mono Block Pattern. I can set my own personalized tiles on home screen  like Facebook, messaging, call alerts, e-mail and etc. It gives one live updates on these tiles as well. But you cannot change the wallpaper of the background but just the lock screen background could be changed.The physical look does stand out in the crowd with the a plastic and metal mix . The dinky screen size 3.7-inch 800 x 480 pixel screen with metallic sides give a looks more of plastic touch. Lumia 610, Official Nokia India post, Best Nokia Lumia 610 Picture, India, Technology, Tech Blog, Cyn colour, Best picture of nokia lumia 610, head phones, windows 8, Mango processor, Bloggers mind, Tech Blog,

The internal storage being on 8Gb storage and no micro sd card slot makes the phone little disappointing. The phone runs on Windows Phone 7.5 Tango, a small down version of Mango designed for low-end phones with only 256MB of RAM. So if you are fan of angry birds then I’m sorry you wont be able to run on Lumia 610. Since we are the people who talk through our photographer, Nokia Lumia 610 camera with 5 megapixels, autofocus and LED flashlight gives perfect edge to the pictures.The camera shoots video in 720 pixels resolution and the outcome is great.

Lumia 610, Official Nokia India post, Best Nokia Lumia 610 Picture, India, Technology, Tech Blog, Cyn colour, Best picture of nokia lumia 610, head phones, windows 8, Mango processor, Bloggers mind, Tech Blog,

Currently all phone have to focus on the integration between social media accounts to pull the crowd digitally. One thing the Nokia Lumia 610 does a great job of is integrating and combining contacts. After adding Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or just your phone book, the people hub combines all the contacts and displays the latest updates . Also when viewing any contact it pulls all the information from all social media portals of that contact like photos, email, text message, which becomes easy to contact from the same screen. Lumia 610 comes with internet explorer 10, while the screen struggles to show the web page properly. The interesting part of this phone is bing search touch button. The wallpapers on the bing is very interesting and creative. Battery Life of Lumia 610 is 1300mAh Battery which is just normal with the phone. After talking roughly on phone for 45 minutes, web browsing for one hour, 30 minutes of music , downloading some apps it still worked whole day and night and still morning I had enough time left to charge the phone. The phone promises 10hours talktime on 2g and upto 9 hours on 3g .

Overall Review: Price point being impressive for this phone but 256Ram is something becomes difficult

Diabetes, Healthy Life

6 Seconds to Healthy Life and Win Tshirts from Neil Dantas

How many of you do brisk walk for 150 minutes? Is one of your parent Diabetic? Are you worried about your Sugar Score?

Just 6 Seconds to make you realize if you are fit enough to understand your risks!

Janacare, are building an online diabetes prevention program (called the Habits Program) to enable pre-diabetics achieve healthier lifestyle habits and avoid full-blown type II diabetes.

As part of this effort, we are conducting an online experiment called “Sugarscore” to understand India’s Diabetes risk. Sugarscore is a six second survey that will help you understand your risk for Diabetes. The user basically goes to www.sugarscore.in  and quickly answers five questions (age, gender, waist size, physical activity levels and family history of diabetes) to get his or her Sugarscore.

 Diabetes, Health, Life, SugarScore , Obesity

Our goal is to reach 2 lakh Indians in 2 months through Sugarscore. We hope you will join in this fight against Diabetes.

We invite you to take this survey @ http://www.sugarscore.in

At the end of six seconds, you have to leave your mail address (check the image) to be eligible to win one of the cool goodies every week.

Diabetes, Healthy Life, Obesity, India, Sugar Score

Currently we have T-shirts from Neil Dantas. Sharing across the attachment of the T-shirt as well. 

Diabetes, Healthy life, Obesity

The hashtag for the campaign is #SugarScoreofIndia on  https://twitter.com/janacare and it would be great after you have taken the  survey, you mention a tweet and you would get eligible for the weekly prizes. If you do not have twitter account then you can simply fill the form at the end of the survey which would be eligible for the weekly goodies.

So just take out 6 secs from your whole day and take this initiative to check your Sugarscore!

Uttarkhand, RoopKund,

Roopkund Trek: The Journey To Skeleton Lake

Uttarkhand, RoopKund,

Roopkund Trek, though it doesn’t come anywhere near some of the tallest peaks in this region of Uttarakhand, gave us a glimpse of a fit the mountains can throw unsuspectingly on its hikers. From the 15th-21st of September, 2012, the journey to this infamous lake spread with the bones of 500 people, had begun.

Roopkund Trek Log Day 1 – 15th September: Enroute to base camp, Lohajung, Uttarakhand (2530m)

The day begins at 5 am. By the time we eat breakfast, it is 7 am and within the next half an hour, our trek to Roopkund begins.


People were told to leave all their necessary items from their backpack behind to avoid being weighed down. Some others chose to give away their bags to the mules (Mule charges are Rs.150/- a day for 2 bags). When we began, we could see the clouds up-close, in fact, we were literally walking through them. We took the road route to a certain point. This route was filled with stones and pebbles. The Himalayan mountain tops in the distance were a majestic sight.

We passed several streams, refilled our bottles until the point where we began ascending. The climb was so tedious that everyone of us were longing to set foot on straight land. Eventually, after a nearly 6 hour trek, covering a distance of 9 kms, we reached Didina where we were accommodated in one of the cottages. Since we reached by 1pm, we had the rest of the day to spare and decided to engage in a game of cricket. What a joy that was !

By 9 pm everyone ate dinner and went to bed.

Journal entry: The day was delightful.

Roopkund Trek Log Day 3 – 17th September:  Enroute to Bedni Bugyal (3354m)

After waking up at 6 am, the routine of chai and breakfast followed.

We started by 8:15 am and it was only going to be a climb for the next 4-5 hours. We made our way through stoney terrain, through a beautiful forest patch, which was so gruesome a climb but ultimately, the point when we reached Ali Bugyal was all worthwhile.

Ali Bugyal was a magical sight of open green pastures, surrounding mountains and the clouds. After we were served a light nutritious snack at by 1pm, it started to rain.

RoopKund, Bendni Bugyal, Uttarakhand

Ali Bugyal

Putting on our rain wear, we then proceeded to trek for the next 2-3 hours to reach Bedni Bugyal. When we reached Bedni Bugyal, there were several tents pitched for us, including one bunker like structure. The rainfall got heavier and our enjoyment of completing the trek for the day was dampened by the muck and wetness.

By 9 pm, we all snuggled into our sleeping bags, inside the tent; 3 in 1.

Roopkund Trek tents

Journal entry: Witnessed the convergence of the dark clouds overhead when we reached a height of 10,000 feet at Bedni Bugyal, the largest meadow in Asia. Rain did start trickling down in the night, lowering temperatures to a bone chilling level.

Roopkund Trek Log Day 4 – 18th September: Bedni Bugyal to Bhagwabasa (4375m)

Today was the day we realize the wrath of fury of the mountains. Three participants returned back this day due to inability to cope with the physical strain of the trek.

Himalayas, Lonelyplanet, Rooh Kund, India Treks

Amidst slight rainfall we begin our trek by 8:30 am. We passed by a Hindu temple known as Bedni Kund which was believed to have been the place where Lord Shiva and Parvati married. Further down in the trek, when all was calm, the sky burst open. Rain and wind lashed our bodies. We were gripped with an intense chill. Temperatures dropped by 8-10 degrees within minutes. Caught in the middle, the only option was to move on with all the might everyone had.

We did.

We reached a shelter at a point called Pather Nachauni. Everybody, all wet and freezing began questioning their ability to go further with the relentless rain. After our trek leader reached, he informed us about the weather not improving and that those who could go on, could and those who couldn’t or didn’t want to, could return.

It was so cold even inside a small room filled with 27 people that smoking became a resort to keep our bodies warm. Our teeth were chattering. We couldn’t move because the chill had ruptured our strength. It suddenly became a matter of testing our fate or safely returning back. We were even warned of sudden breathlessness and strike by lightning at that height.

As much as everyone wanted to complete the trek, 9 from 20 participants decided to head back. Eleven moved on.

The two sets went their opposite ways by 3:30 pm. The group that returned had a fairly peaceful return back, which by when, the rainfall reduced in its intensity.

Himalayas, Uttarakhand,

The other group reached Bhagwabasa by latest 7 pm. Still fighting the cold, the group had no choice but to take their clothes off inside the enclosed shelter and leave them for drying. After dinner sad news reached this lot that the sleeping bags carried for them had been all drenched. The group was helpless and had to snuck themselves into the wet bag and go off to sleep.

On top of that, it began to snow.

Journal entry: At 13,000 feet the sky burst open to a death-riddled extent. Walking became a test of life.

Roopkund Trek Log Day 5 – 19th September: The Return at Bedni Bugyal

The day when the sun hit our sore heads. It was a joyful sight to see a clear blue sky over head.

The nine who had returned back to Bedni the previous day enjoyed the day with a lot of games played out in the open over dry ground. Most of the day did go into drying off the wet clothes. It felt wonderful to see the water evaporate turning the colour of each one’s clothes brighter to its original ones. We even became friendly with a Spanish man and Austrian woman who had come trekking to Roopkund by themselves and pitched a tent right next to ours.

The other end, what was supposed to be a trek starting at 5 am, from Bhagwabasa to Roopkund, began at only 8 pm. Everyone was unable to wake up after the previous day’s chill of a thrill. This day was just what they had hoped for. A treacherous climb awaited them. A short distance of even barely 200 feet had taken over 45 minutes. The place near Skeleton Lake was laden with snow almost 2 feet deep. Everyone finally made it to Roopkund, the Skeleton Lake. This group then made their way back to Bedni Bugyal from here on at about 12.30 pm. They reached Bedni Bugyal at 7 pm.

The Bones

The Bones

Journal entry: To a phenomenal surprise, the sky bloomed in the sunlight. Yet, the safe arrival of the remaining 10 always lurked. It was in the evening at 7 pm, that the fanfare began when the rest of the 10 returned, safe and sound. A bonfire ensued and stories about their journey all the way was shared. Our last night at Bedni, the stars looked even more beautiful and majestic.

Roopkund Lake, Uttarakhand , Himalayas

Roopkund Trek Log Day 6 – 20th September: The return back to Lohajung

Everyone was fine, the weather stayed as good as it did the previous day and by 9 am, everyone made their way downwards to Wan.

Wan was little village a 3-4 hour trek away through a dense forest and the very famous Neel Ganga river. From Wan, there was a pickup arranged for that helped us get to Lohajung within the next one hour. And finally we were all back.

travel, Uttarakhand, Trks, Village, Lonely Planet, Discovery

On that day, the Nanda Devi Raj Jat festivals, one of the most well known festivals throughout the world, was being celebrated. It happens once every 12 years.

Roopkund, Uttrakhand, Lonely Planet, Himalyas, Village, Nandevi Procession, Festival

Nandevi Procession


By Nasir

You can read more about his interest in treks at http://quirkyrebel.blogspot.in/    and on twitter @quirkyrebel

94.3 Radio One says #inthemixIndia is an outdated Concept

By Harsh Mehta

Well Due to some issues the Radio Show #inthemixIndia which was aired on 94.3RadioOne every saturday from 10pm-1am and hosted by Nikhil Chinapa has now been come to an end. This came into light when Nikhil Chinapa Tweeted about the Issue and the #inthemixIndia fans were shocked to read it , but Nikhil Chinapa tweeted up that he will keep this show going via a website named : inthemixIndia.com with the help of Nawed Khan , AudioQube & Submerge team. The first online Episode was Live Yesterday night at 10pm till 12pm ! The Hashtag for the Show was #ITMX61 ( 61 for the 61st episode ) . Everybody were Happy about it , the whole team worked hard so that each and every listener can tune in via mobile or laptop/Pc . #ITMX61 was trending in each and every city (listed on Indian City twitter trends). The huge part was that it was trending at 2nd Postion In India in just 30 minutes and also trending above #IPL in a short span of time.There were many listeners around the globe who felt good to be a part of #ITMX61.

Radio 94.3, Media, Inthemix India.Nikhil Chinnapa

Later on when i saw @943RadioOne tweets on my timeline i was in shock and also laughing at the same time .The tweets says that they have a brand new EDM radio show which is know as #RadioOneMegaMix ! The Tweets from @934RadioOne were so Desperate that the Admin him/her self wanted to make it trend ! . Radio 94.3, Inthemix , Media, controversy

And then later on when the show got over i asked them a question check out the conversation Below :

Radio 94.3, Inthemix india, Nikhil

And soon after this Conversation they BLOCKED me for No reason , so it indicates that Radio One Dont respect their fans and they block users as they cant face them

Social Twitter, Social Media, Radio 94.3

Many InthemixIndia fans were shock to see 94.3RadioOne’s  tweets saying INTHEMIX is an OUT DATED CONCEPT .

Below are the reactions from various people on twitter : José Covaco – VJ at MTV India .


This is what Radio One 94.3 said after people outraging on twitter!


This is what Nikhil Chinapa has to say :


Photokatha is supporting Harsh Mehta in getting the proper dialouge from Radio One and the behaviour of blocking followers

You can read the entire story by Harsh Mehta : http://bit.ly/12AuNDy

Leave your comments here as well and whe would ensure to pass the same to him .

You can use hashtag #RadioOneHarshContro.

Media, Delhi Gang Rape, Honey Singh, Government, Censorship, Bolywood Industry, Indian Government, Law, Blogger, Social cause

Censorship & Beyond- India

Media, Delhi Gang Rape, Honey Singh, Government, Censorship, Bolywood Industry, Indian Government, Law, Blogger, Social cause

By Srishti Arya

Censorship in media is suppression of speech and expression. It is also the government’s propaganda to subtly engrave in our minds their viewpoint. Or is it now?

We as citizens go on raving about the article 19(1)(a) of the Indian constitution, which gives us freedom of speech and expression but we often forget about article 19(2) which restricts it for very reasonable reasons. While everyone talks about how censorship in songs & movies must be removed and films that are banned must not be banned, I beg to differ.

Delhi gang rape, News, India today, Newdppaer, Tv Channels, Victim, Media, Mass, Crow Police.

We may be discerning as individuals but we have little or no control over how media affects us subconsciously. While the 23-year-old Delhi gang-rape victim was being cremated, simultaneously a discussion over Honey Singh’s first song, “Ch**” was creating a buzz. The song revolves around the singer’s version of satisfying a woman’s lust, followed by beating her with a shoe and then moving on.

Article 292 of IPC deals with obscenity. Obscenity under the Indian Law is defined as: “Any work that appeal predominantly to “prurient” interest.”  “Any work that depicts or describes sexual conduct in a patently offensive way.” Legally, the term ‘obscenity’ is referred to as indecent expressions, such as words, images and actions. Despite the definition, what is obscene to me, may not be obscene to you, thus the notion remains subjective.

As Indians we all have the ‘Chalta Hai” mindset. “Chalta hai, its just a song.” Sorry Honey Singh fans, par nahi, yeh nahi chalta hai. Nobody in his or her right mind would consider beating up a woman with a shoe after assaulting her as morally, ethically or legally correct. And for those who say it’s just a song, the well-defined science of psychology proves that lyrics that are heard repetitively have a subliminal impact. Then how can we be so sure that children hearing songs like these on an everyday basis will not propagate domestic violence. Such is a case wherein prevention is better than cure!

Honey Singh, Choot, Songs, Music, Media

Freedom of art is a fine concept, but there is a thin line between being crass and being artistic. Being obscene can clearly be demarcated from being arty! “Pallu ke neeche daba ke rakha hai, utha loon toh hungama ho.” Imagine the horror that goes through a parent who hears their 10 year old humming this song. Censoring content may not always be a solution to stop advocacy of vulgarity, however it a highly probable solution.

Censorship of news, like in the case of 26/11 and in sensitive issues like rape is seriously the need of the hour. National security and sentiments of people are at stake!

There is nothing that is absolute. Not freedom of speech, not even government’s control over Media! We don’t need to pull off “A China” or “A Cuba” but how can we expect no regulation at all?  Yes we have the right to question why certain things maybe banned but it is also our duty to obey a reasonable law!

Censorship of media in its own nature is a government’s responsibility and a citizen’s guard!

Srishti Arya : http://bit.ly/14Hlgyg

Image Courtesy: 21paradigm.wordpress.com , India Today , Wordlyrics

Wildlife, Birds, Nest, House,Photography, Yellow, Photographer of the week, Gettyimages, FLickr,

Photographer of the Week: Judy Kenneth

Wildlife, Birds, Nest, House,Photography, Yellow, Photographer of the week, Gettyimages, FLickr,

This week we are sharing “Miss Judy Kennett ” “Photographer of the week“. She does photography not for commerical purpose, but she considers capturing the feathered  friends.

She has been enjoying amateur nature and wildlife photography for the past few years now.She  somewhat restricted herself in going to seeking out wildlife due to health problems, she had a form of cancer called myeloma which affects the bone marrow. She had a tumour removed from her spine in 2011 so movement was difficult ,therefore most of her photos are now predominantly taken in her small garden.

She says “I consider  feathered visitors as friends, and really enjoy being in their company, with or without camera! My rarest bird capture to date (not in my garden!) was an Osprey down by the Teme River”

You can see more of her collection at :

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/38749446@N05/

500px: http://500px.com/JudyKennett

IDAM restaurant , Doha at Islamic Museum of Art

IDAM restaurant , Doha at Islamic Museum of Art

Contemporary French Mediterranean cuisine with Arabic twist “IDAM Restaurant” gave an insight to how design and cuisine can be blended , directly themselves from Philippe Starck and Alain Ducasse . The Creator of Cuisine is Alain Ducaase . This restaurant nestles on the top floor of the Islamic Museum of Art. An Ala carte menu features between six mezze dishes QR 45 to QR 90 ,three vegetable -QR 160, etc. We got this opportunity to get a quick insight of Philip Starck ideas behind IDAM restaurant design. He mentioned that “ Iam a movie director , I created black and white for ambiance and the people to fill colors. This museum is the most beautiful in this world, its very geometrical, crystal based and my job was to bring life in the crystal theory by my designs. Its not about designs, architects for me.. Its about us, culture, local people.” The restaurant being placed in iconic landmark in Qatar – Museum of Islamic Art it blends local tradition with modernity. The guests at IDAM will enjoy a dinning experience that transcends time and surpasses expectation. Contemporary monochrome furnishings adorn the arabic culture for the restaurant. Starck mentions his passion for the elegant and poetic intelligence of Arab literature stating “ It was a duty to give a tribute to all these masters of literature.” Phillppe Starck ended it by saying his vision on IDAM by adding his “touch of moralism and poetry with some fertile surprises to open the mind of the people who will be interested to dream and build a vision.”

IDAM, Doha, Qatar, Cultural Village, French Cuisine,

Alain Ducasse , the “architect of IDAM Cuisine”, the world’s most decorated chef. He said “ the origin behind this restaurant is lot to do with my travel to, Morocco, Lebanon, middle Eastern, Egypt, India and create this mix of Mediterranean cuisine with the mix of arabic culture. The cuisine makes it more palatable with lesser salt, lesser fat and lesser sugar.. We also wanted to have a fair price, according to the location where IDAM is nestled. However the prices have been decided by organizations, my idea was to connect with my vision. The cuisine has been prepared by understanding the expectations , meeting the needs of local, creation of special DNA, local along with modern cuisine.” They would be responsible not only for IDAM but other outlets in MIA. He has also given little importance towards vegetarian due to diversified culture in Qatar. My inspiration comes from a combination of the SouthWest of France , where I grew up and from the Mediterranean , which seduced me from a young age.”ßß

IDAM, French Cuisine, Italian , Mediterranean cuisine, Doha

Ambience at IDAM

Cutlery Setup

Cutlery Setup

Together with Executive Chef Romain Meder, Alain Ducasse presents a unique blend of Mediterranean cuisine for IDAM. A must signature Alain Ducasse Cookpot dish comprises seven vegetables lightly spiced, promising a unique, palate- pleasing creation.

Alain Ducasse and Philippe Starck

Alain Ducasse and Philippe Stark

* This post was written for “I Love Qatar” and one of the team member is with them.