Photographer of the Week: Judy Kenneth

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This week we are sharing “Miss Judy Kennett ” “Photographer of the week“. She does photography not for commerical purpose, but she considers capturing the feathered  friends.

She has been enjoying amateur nature and wildlife photography for the past few years now.She  somewhat restricted herself in going to seeking out wildlife due to health problems, she had a form of cancer called myeloma which affects the bone marrow. She had a tumour removed from her spine in 2011 so movement was difficult ,therefore most of her photos are now predominantly taken in her small garden.

She says “I consider  feathered visitors as friends, and really enjoy being in their company, with or without camera! My rarest bird capture to date (not in my garden!) was an Osprey down by the Teme River”

You can see more of her collection at :




4 thoughts on “Photographer of the Week: Judy Kenneth

  1. Thanks so much teamphotokatha for choosing me as your recent photographer of the week. I’m sorry I haven’t responded sooner but I am in hospital at the moment having treatment. I hope to be home in a week or so and get back behind my beloved camera. Judy Kennett

    • Hey Judy,

      Thank you very much for letting us share your interest with our community. They have loved your work and could feel connected. I hope you are feeling better with now after being to hospital.

      Keep sending us your picture ans storied about your feather birds and we would love to share with our community. Also share with your community that you were featured here.

      Team Photokatha

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