10 Tips on Travel Photography

Every photographer, would love to explore with his/her digital eye and share the experience of travel pictures on social portals to show ” They have been to this place”..

But what if  after travelling 2000 kms you realize, that your camera battery is already over.. There you go…Missed the Scenic beauty of Pangaon Lake , Ladakh . As everyone else is clicking, and you are thinking” Why couldnt i charge my battery”

Below are  just 10 Tips which are important as per me for travel photography :

  1. Ensure that you have carried a good camera bag, chargers, extra GB cards and the battery is charged previous night for good usage of camera at places where you cannot charge your battery again.
  2. Whenever you are clicking people ensure, that you have taken consent before or if you are talking (unannounced) picture, then be careful of not taking away the privacy of the local people.Otherwise you will find yourself in nearest local police station.
  3. Subject- It is very  important to have the a subject in mind or point of interest for any travel picture. Having the correct idea gives a depth to the picture.
  4. Travel photography has a lot to do with LIGHT.  Before hitting the shutter button, see in the portrait that the Hat is not covering the eyes of the person. Either move the subject, move yourself or, if the subject isn’t going to disappear, wait a while or return at the appropriate time of day.
  5. Since your on backpacking trip, you cannot carry tripod everywhere., so if you think you wana shoot at slow shutter speed, then use your camera bag as base and maybe jacket as pillow, or maybe you can make available rocks as support. Tripod man reason is support.. Try different options available by Nature.
  6. Now Travel photographs cannot be taken when you are surrounded with your friends.. Try going solo and use the space for unique compositions as you never know when you gonna come to this place again. So also take plenty of pictures then regret later for the shot you missed and saw it on internet of the same place.
  7. To protect your camera from rain,use bags with zipper so that you can keep the lenses safe and the body from Moisture.
  8. NOT a much investment , but carry a polarizing lens, which will make your greens greener and your blues bluer.
  9. Research about the place, make checklist and also carry proof for your camera purchase , stating you bought from your home land then the visiting country to avoid customs.
  10. Last but not so unimportant, Each story requires details. So click with different angle, like triangular, rules of thirds.

Happy Travelling !

Every shutter counts, Since the helicopter was on move, wouldnt wana miss any details. Keep clicking !


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